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Friends! Meet Danielle and Jeremy! These two are getting married this fall at The Silos in Bono, AR. They came to see me in Memphis and we spent some time hanging out in one of Memphis oldest diners and exploring downtown Memphis! 

I'm going to need a second to talk about how perfect the weather was. We were completely expecting rain and humidity. The clouds cleared and we celebrated the perfect 72 degree weather-with a nice breeze I might add!

Okay, back to the love birds! I always love starting a session and seeing how people open up in front of the camera. I knew Jeremy was not looking forward to taking a ton of picture, BUT...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Y'all, talk about some naturals in front of the camera! (Jeremy totally loved it ;)) I'm coming back for round two in September and I know they are going to knock it out of the park, again!