Hi! I'm Whitney, Whit for short. I'm a Tennessee girl who married a Mississippi man, taking my Canon (and said man) with me to photograph lovely people and their big moments.

"Mr. Whit Photography"/the "Mississippi man"/the guy in the photo is Matt. He is my husband and we got married October 10th! *Cue the Aw's. 

I fell in love with photography in my early years of college, although I ultimately chose graphic design as my full-time career. But here I am again, I just couldn't stay away from my 1st love!

Matt began showing an interest in photography after we started dating. He quickly learned the technical side and I have been AMAZED by how much of a natural he is! We make a good team.

Memphis is our home and we are passionate about being involved with the community and loving people like Christ! 



WHITNEY: I Love photography (duh), graphic design, and printmaking! I love antiques and things from the past. I'm not into faux antiquing things, I want the real deal. I just love making up stories in my mind about where things came from, who used them, etc. I'm a little bit of a dreamer. I love to laugh (loudly) and to swim! I think I'd rather be on a boat in the lake than an ocean. I love love love the city of Memphis! 

MATT: (This is Whitney writing this until he decides he wants to write his own bio...) Matt loves to read! He's my little nerdy bookworm and has read everything J.R.R. Tolkein has written. He could also tell you everything about his life and his literature. He loves collecting records at estate sales, traditional tattoo work (he has tattoos on this arms and and chest and a few on his legs), and building almost anything he can. (I love my bald, bearded, tattoo man!)

THINGS WE BOTH LOVE: Our Memphis Grizz and Central BBQ! (our first date!). We love to go to estate and garage sales after a yummy breakfast! Probably our favorite way to spend a Saturday morning! We enjoy cooking healthy meals together and going to crossfit! We are trying to get our butt's in shape and we love it!! We love our friends/family and we think they're pretty incredible. 

I know there are a ton of other things I could mention, but I will save you from reading our novel!