Hi! I'm Whitney, Whit for short. I'm a Jack and Coke Zero kind of girl. I watch all of the Harry Potter movies whenever my husband is going to be gone for the day. *Notice the picture of me in Honeydukes*

I fell in love with photography in my early years of college, although I ultimately chose graphic design as my full-time career. But here I am again, I just couldn't stay away from my 1st love!

One of my biggest passions is making people feel comfortable in front of my camera! Not only do I want to tell YOUR story, I want you to have FUN! Photos on your wedding day should be so much more than just taking photos. They should add to the memories on your big day!



Memphis Wedding Photographer

I LOVE weddings. Obviously, I wouldn't be here if I still didn't dream about them constantly! Not only are weddings absolutely gorgeous, but I love being able to capture one of the happiest days in a couple's life! I'm not the best writer, but I have been known to make a great list. Let's do this!



2. I love a gorgeous bouquet. Give me all of the beautiful florals!

3. I love the look when a couple first see each other for the first time on their wedding day!

4. I love the occasional butt grab from the bride and groom. Let's be honest, that's key to a lasting marriage!

5. My style is more eclectic than rustic, and I love when weddings don't look like they came straight from Pinterest. 

6. I love that I have to fight back happy tears for my brides because I just love being invested in all of my couples! 

7. I love stealing away a couple on their wedding day at sunset! It's such a sweet time to get away from all of the excitement and to just hold each other for a few minutes! And I love getting those photos. ;)

Here are some photos of me and my husband, Matt, from our most recent trip to Orlando! I'm trying to get better about updating photos of us!